Secure. Simple. Reliable Messaging.

With Medic Bleep, you'll get fast, simple, IG compliant messaging and audio and video calling for free with tailored features for healthcare professionals so you can deliver enhanced patient care.

Meet the Current Communication Methods in Healthcare...
Since the 1960’s

These are painfully slow ways to communicate with your colleagues, when all you want to do is deliver great care.

Common Messenger Tools are not Compliant with
Healthcare Regulations

Is your team currently using common public instant messenger tools to communicate? Are you aware of the confidentiality issues? There is much more than End To End Encryption involved.

Good Medical Practice Requires Good Communication... Here's The Best

Text your colleagues
Know when messages are delivered and seen.
Create groups
Create groups around your Team or a Patient under your care. Handover effectively.
voice or video call
Directly voice or video call your colleagues. No more switch boards. No more waiting.
Share patient data
Send photos, videos, audio notes and files Safely. Instantly.
Find Your Colleagues
Find your colleagues. For easy referral. Throughout the Country.
All this safely. Securely. Completely Information Governance Compliant.

Security is in Our DNA

From day one, we built Medic Bleep to help you deliver enhanced patient care and share vital information to help you save lives.

Some of the most personal data is shared with Medic Bleep, which is why we built various levels of security and encryption from the off. With these, the messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, and calls are secured from falling into the wrong hands.


What Our Users Say About Us

  • “This new communication tool will save clinicians time and enable decisions on patient treatment and care to be made more quickly, so that ultimately, patients have the best outcomes possible.”
    Dr Graham Shortland, Medical Director, Cardiff & Vale UHB
  • “This app brings communication between healthcare professionals to a new level. No more bleeps: all communications, handovers, team updates and meetings in one place. Amazing!”
    Dr Vinay Eligar, Consultant Endocrinologist, Cardiff & Vale UHB
  • “This now allows me spend more time at the bedside of the patient rather than waiting by the desk waiting for the doctors or pharmacists to call me back. So much better for patient care”
    Band 7 Nurse
  • “I was ecstatic when I heard of Medic Bleep as it will change our lives and really help us deliver better care and more timely”
    ST3 Surgery, Cardiff & Vale UHB
  • “Nice communication tool for the healthcare professionals”
    Foundation Doctor, Oxford Deanery
  • “Having downloaded this to see how we can improve communication in our local NHS, it is obvious that Medic Bleep is a wonderful app that has great potential to help communication between clinical teams and can improve and speed up patient care.”
    Dr Ossman Bhatti, Barking CCG
  • “Makes communication so easy. This will get rid of the pager. Thankfully so! Saves so much time and lets us medics treat patients in a timely manner. Also, no more lost handover sheets!!”
    CT2, Royal London Hospital
  • “Medic Bleep is a cool and slick application. It is a secure platform hitch provides an efficient means of communication between a multidisciplinary team. Keep up the good work!!”
    Dr Gurkaran Samra, Medical Registrar
  • “I love the security and the thought behind tackling governance yet keeping it so easy to sign up and use, whether your trust has signed up to it officially or not”
    CCIO and Consultant

Our Partners

Watch how Medic Bleep forms an integral part of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s vision for 2020 in this video created by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Welsh Government and BT.

Make an Impact on Patient Safety, Become a Medic Bleep Champion


Medic Bleep has been developed as a simple and secure solution to the communication challenges that healthcare professionals and wider team in the NHS face while going about their everyday work. This means that if you work in the NHS, Medic Bleep can make your life easier by cutting down on wasted communication time.

You bet it is! The whole reason that Medic Bleep was invented was to offer a simple, secure, NHS Information Governance compliant, alternative to pagers and unsuitable solutions like WhatsApp. We take patient privacy as seriously as you do, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that all personal data is safe and secure on Medic Bleep.

We’ve implemented a whole host of security features to make sure that patient information stays safe and that only registered and approved medics can use the app.

See for yourself, how we (Medic Creations Ltd) meet 100% of the NHS Information Governance requirements by viewing their report on our organisation, code: 8WG84.

Yes, that is precisely what Medic Bleep has been created for! Clinical teams have the freedom to share various types of patient data including handover sheets (no more losses), photos (X-rays), names, NHS numbers and clinical information without the cumbersome act of masking confidential data.

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