Yes. Medic Bleep has been built in accordance with guidelines on confidentiality from these organisations.
Medicine is a team effort and we strongly believe that technology that enables fast and effective communication across the whole team will bring about a big impact when it comes to patient care, staff satisfaction and savings for the NHS.

With that in mind, we are allowing access to Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Dentists, Pharmacists and Students of these fields.

We have had numerous requests from Ambulance Crews, Physiotherapists, Radiographers and other allied healthcare professionals and be rest assured, we really value you and the work you all do and will be allowing you onto Medic Bleep shortly. We are just attempting to talk to HCPC at the moment.
Yes, absolutely. We want to help you all deliver care to the best of your abilities and if the technology is here, then we want you to use it. Why should patient care suffer just because we have not had managed to have those talks with your Directors quite yet.

In fact, when you use Medic Bleep, we can see which part of the country, which hospital or area it is being used the most and we will then approach your Directors and show them the metrics from the use of Medic Bleep – for example the number of messages exchanged daily, how much you use the app, etc, all anonymised of course.

We believe that our secure information governance compliant instant messaging solution will not only help avoid fines from GMC violation, it will protect your organization’s reputation by mitigating the risk for a secure breach and help increase workflow efficiencies.
Yes, that is precisely what Medic Bleep has been created for! Clinical teams now have the freedom to share various types of patient data including handover sheets (no more losses), photos (X-rays), names, NHS numbers and clinical information without the cumbersome act of masking confidential data.
Our first defence against prying infiltrators is our stringent terms and conditions of service, which we strongly advise all our users to read. While we offer anonymity to our users, we use multilayer encryption and other secure SSL technology to ensure that there is no misuse taking place. Additionally, members are not allowed to take a meaningful part in the community till their personal details have been cross-referenced and verified. The safety and security of our members and their privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we constantly update our security protocols to ensure we meet changing security concerns.
Yes. Medic Bleep has been created with Information Governance at the core. It is designed to protect both; your patients and you. Communicate with confidence and peace of mind. We are:
  • ISO 27001 accredited
  • HIPAA compliant
  • NHS IG Toolkit compliant (www.igt.hscic.gov.uk and our organisation code is: 8WG84)
  • Information Commissioner’s Office accredited
  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard ISO 12052 accreditation Q2 2017
Data Protection Act: All data is stored on UK Servers with a disaster recovery server in a different location, again in the UK. This is one of the core principles of IG in the UK. The app is also geo-locked, it only works in the UK to ensure the credibility and validity of the data.
Yes. Data can be accessed should any medico-legal cases arise: protecting you and the patient. On a Trust’s request Medic Bleep can also access and provide metadata for auditing purposes in compliance with Caldicott Principles.
The app and its creating company, Medic Creations, is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 12052 certified and data can only be accessed on servers by designated personnel through Multi Factor Authentication. The purpose for accessing this data is for audit purposes and to protect you and patients if there is a medico-legal case.

We can provide a copy of our ISO certification to anyone that requires it.
coming soon
Medic Bleep is available on iOS, Android devices and also web at www.web.medicbleep.com

Medic Bleep Web may prove a powerful communication tool as more and more hospital trusts are going digital/paperless.
Have you ever been frustrated about the numerous amount of login credentials you have to remember as part of the clinical team? This includes: PACS, Biochemistry, Electronic Health Record, Prescribing, Intrepid, etc, etc.

Have you been frustrated by ever changing clinical guidelines and that one has to know or sifting through stacks of BNFs to find ‘the renal dose of tazocin’?

Rest assured, Medic Bleep is committed to providing a truly seamless and interoperable communication solution through widgets off EPRs. In Q4 2017 Medic Bleep will be fully interoperable with HL7, FHIR and Trust EPR.

In May 2017 Medic Bleep will feature information depository and communication bots. This will enable Trust’s to communicate messages to their staff and share their guidelines as well as provide staff with instant access to knowledge bases such as British National Formulary (BNF) for their clinical decision making. Furthermore, from Q3 2017, recognising the need for clinical decision systems to support evidenced based decision making, Medic Bleep will feature chatbots with machine learning. This will enable users to find the answers to their questions more readily from knowledge depositories such as BNF, making prescriptions quicker.
Yes, Medic Bleep is the preferred, secure communication tool of Cardiff and Vale NHS trust.

This is what Medical Director, Dr Graham Shortland had to say: “We decided to implement this mobile application to the Surgery Clinical Board to enable clinicians to communicate more securely and quickly with each other. This new communication tool which uses the Health Board free Wi-Fi infrastructure will save clinicians time and enable decisions on patient treatment and care to be made more quickly, so that ultimately, patients have the best outcomes possible.”
We think so. Medic Bleep has finally given clinicians a secure, free-at-point of use, IG compliant communication tool that saves time and allows clinicians to do what they joined medicine to do -care.

The feedback is positive, Dr Vinay Eligar, our Consultant Endocrinologist, has shared:

“This app brings communication between healthcare professionals to a new level. No more bleeps: all communications, handovers, team updates and meetings in one place. Creating a secure network within my team and extending to other specialities for referrals etc all in one place. Amazing.”
Central to Medic Bleep is enabling and enhancing productivity amongst clinicians. However, we took great care to ensure that any photos are NOT automatically saved to the device or any iCloud/G-Drive accounts. It is also impossible to use the screenshot function within Medic Bleep.

We integrate these features into our apps to ensure our central principles of security, IG compliance and confidentiality.
We appreciate that clinicians work for several organisations and facilities. Our group capacity allows users to have all their messages from several different organisations in a smart, streamlined, organised fashion within Medic Bleep.
In compliance with NHS IG and Caldicott Principles, Medic Bleep has a 3-step verification process to validate the user is an authorised healthcare professional and has a verified email and mobile number. For a seamless user experience, Medic Bleep’s database is linked into GMC, GPC and NMC’s database for automated processing of a user’s healthcare identification.
Medic Bleep will bring out a fast bleep to replace the pager in emergencies. The development will be phased, starting with a real-time audio stream alert in May 2017, automated coverage within a 25 metre radius in August 2017 and radio frequency hardware in Q4 2017.
Coming in March 2017, the On Call toggle switch in Medic Bleep allows clinicians to handover seamlessly and see who’s on call. Clinicians no longer need to reference black books and contact lists on wards or go to switchboard, saving time.
Although Whatsapp has AES 256 Bit (end-to-end) encryption which encrypts data independently between sender and receiver, it is crucially not IG compliant. Whatsapp servers are also domiciled in various countries that are not in the UK. This leads to a loss of control and ownership of sensitive data

In order to be compliant in the NHS, communication devices have to conform to the NHS IG toolkit, be ISO compliant and conform to Caldicott Principles. Fortunately, Medic Bleep is secure, IG compliant and is dedicated to healthcare professionals only.

Communicate with confidence and peace of mind. We are:
  • ISO 27001 accredited
  • HIPAA compliant
  • NHS IG Toolkit compliant (www.igt.hscic.gov.uk and our organisation code is: 8WG84)
  • Information Commissioner’s Office accredited
  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard ISO 12052 accreditation Q2 2017
At Medic Creations, we are committed to provide an excellent, reliable and efficient service.

We can be contacted by phone and on twitter and facebook

If you have any suggestions, you can make them directly through the app -open the burger menu and click ‘submit suggestion’.


Email: support@medicbleep.com

Phone: 07985 569774

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